It Matters

The “It Matters” app transforms access to sexual and reproductive health services for youth and young adults. The “It Matters” App makes it easy and fun for youth to explore health information and to search for health centers and health services in their community.

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What is it?

The “It Matters” App works to reduce the stigma around sexual and reproductive health concerns by allowing youth to tailor their online information seeking experience with assurance of its confidentiality, allowing them to follow-up and seek out in-person health services at their own comfort level.

Who is it for?

The primary audience for the “It Matters” App is youth ages 14-24 years old. The health services identified through the “It Matters” App are available regardless of insurance status, and regardless of whether users have a regular place for health care.

How can I use it?

The app will is free to download for Android and iPhone devices.

Get it on Google Play